• "Oh," said the wind,
    "Come over and hear,
    Yes mountains, sun and plants
    And ancestors dear."

    "I heard something,
    It's not just the news,
    Come gather 'round firends,
    For I found we lose."

    Nature gathered,
    Just to hear the wind,
    Who spread the sad message
    Of what had happened.

    Everyone knew,
    The message was clear,
    But they didn't believe
    Because of their fear.

    The Moon was gone,
    They did not know why,
    But she no longer was
    Up there in the sky.

    "No!" said the Sun,
    "Oh, what should we do?
    We just cannot go on
    Without our friend Moon."

    "I do not know,"
    The wind sadly sighed,
    But whoever took her
    Likely made her die."

    The mountains sobbed
    For they were stricken
    With the grief that had just
    Begun to thicken.

    The sky darkened,
    There was no moonlight
    And all nature knew
    The wind had been right.

    The next day came
    And then it just went
    All of nature weeping
    And none were content.

    None noticed the Moon
    Who came suddenly
    But sad Sun, Clouds, and Wind
    Were all she could see.

    "Hello," called Moon,
    And nature looked up,
    And some fainted from shock
    When they saw she was up.

    "You're back," said Wind,
    "But how can this be?
    You know you disappeared,
    Now back here with glee?"

    The moon just laughed
    And explained her phase
    And how she becomes new
    Every thirty days

    Nature was glad
    As happy as could be
    For during Moon's next phase
    They knowledgably

    Knew she'd return
    Within two short days
    For they all now knew of
    Moon's nuancing ways.