• so i had this friend. we got closer, and closer to each other. we were bff's thru thick-n-thin. then, she told these horrible lies about me. i cant believe she would do somthn like that, but she did. then, after i had cried in front of half the school because of her, i set myself up to get burned again. i forgave her, and welcomed her with open arms. but 7th grade started, and she ditched me again, bringing even worse(believe it or not) lies and rumors with her. and ya know, the "populaur" kids let her in with open arms, as if she had been there before. and now, i c that she keept up the act to hurt me. now, in 8th grade, its gotten better, ive found other friends. but theres so much we did 2gether, so much fun we-no- i had. so everytime i c somthn that reminds me of her, it hurts. and i dont understand, i should let go, but i cant............................................. cry