• This was just the other day...

    My friend and I walk into Wawa(convience store thing) to get a monster after just about the most awkward and annoying day. So we're standing at the cash register and I'm thinking about the awkward moment my friend just had, where a close friend found out a little bit too much with what was happening between her and her bf. HILARIOUS. He was the only awkward person in the world to CONFRONT her about it lol.
    As I'm looking for my cash to hand to the bored cashier who I don't think I had ever seen smile my crush walks in. Now the funny thing about him is he's a whore. He hangs on every girl and loves to give them the idea that theres a little more than there really is. Yea perfect just like me to go after the whore. So he walks up squeezes my side (honestly guys just stop its not funny its just irritating and most of the time it doesn't even tickle just kinda don't touch my fat) wraps his arm around my side and says "hey."
    Oh here's the best part I turned just in time to get that awkward half kiss that was ment for my cheek. Oh lovely. And aparently my face was the funniest thing my friend and the cashier and three other customers(two of which were senior citizens) had ever seen because at the exact same moment they all started laughing histerically. And ofcourse it didn't mr.crush. He just smiled and said "oopse that wasn't supposed to happen." and walked away, as everyone still procceded to laugh at my amazing stupidity. I don't think I'm ever gona live this one down especially since mr.crush still teases me. Lovely.