• “Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock”
    The sound echoes in your head.
    The clocks ticking for every second.
    You have listened to it all day.
    Since school began you have heard it.
    From the first day of the school year, to the first day of pre-school.
    Days, months, and years of listening to that ticking from the clock.
    But today is different, because today is the last day of school.
    Today isn’t just the last day of school.
    It is the last day of high school.
    Over twelve years you have been in school.
    Now you are finally set free in the world.
    No more homework, school lunches, or being treated like a kid.
    It seems like the clock is getting louder.
    Soon only a few minutes are left.
    Those few minutes drag on for what seems like hours.
    Now only a minute.
    The whole class starts to count down.
    The bell rings louder than it ever has.
    Kids scream and run out of the class room.
    Everyone heads straight to their cars.
    No one looks back towards the way they came.
    As you buzz out of the parking lot you look in your review mirror.
    You see the school get smaller as you pull away.
    Soon the school disappears in the mirror.
    The only way you can look now is forwards.