• I sat in the pews of the church watching the other girls in my choir flirt with the off-beat descent-looking chorus boys while I wallowed through my memories from last year's MPA's.We were rated superior that year, but that wasn't what was troubling me.I remembered every detail of that day...The stress,my palms sweating,the sound of my heart beating through my ears....all for him.
    I can still remember him making bizarre faces when the judges weren't watching.The way he twirled me in his arms when ever i could barely stand in heals.When there was no place to sit and he plopped me onto his lap.When there was only the two of us in the large cloud of chorus students....No one else mattered.... When life was made beautiful.
    We were the closest of friends and I was hoping we'd become more than just that.Everyone I knew always pointed out the fact that we'd make the cutest couple.Beauty and the Beast....
    And of course you can imagine that with the competition included the Malestorm and Advanced Girls' choruses I was over thrilled that I had a whole day with him.
    My heart ached and I felt my hands trembling...That day he let me know he had same feelings I did for him, he let me know what he really meant when he said "I love you" to me.
    "What is it Shane?"
    "Do you like me.....?"
    "....Yes....Do you like me back?"
    "I love you to death...."
    That conversation stained my ears.This was the day he noticed he had my heart all along.But it was hurting me that those feelings he had that one day only lasted a little more than a week.He only wanted to be friends again.
    It's been exactly a year from all that.I swore to everyone I was really over him and he was nothing but a slim-ball for dating my former best friend.It really stung when he told me she made him smile longer than anyone else in this world and how she made him feel like nothing he's ever felt before.....he was doing it on purpose.
    "The heart wants what the heart wants" and his didn't want mine.
    My cheeks felt like salt water was dripping down them.I wiped my vein tears and the feelings that were haunting me.I shrugged everything off and trudged back to the bus with a million laughing choir boys and girls all waiting to consume me.