• Where he falls in love
    With his bestfriend,
    His now girlfriend.
    And future wife.
    Well Maybe
    Just maybe.

    I've known Amber since I was a kid; we were 9 when we first met, we would play sink or float in the empty pool she had out back her old house,we had loads of fun, but she had to move time to time because her parents were divorced, but we stayed really close friends. Amber is a really unique person, she is fond of ferrets and got me to love them as well. Her ferret's name is Frida mine is Fresco, and there good friends aswell. We would tell each other stories of what happend when she was away and she would always laugh at my stories. It rained a lot where we we lived, and I lived close to her, about a block or so. I would bike to her house and since practically she was my second family her parents wouldn't mind me going to her room to check out her telescopes. Her dream, she told me, was to become an astronomer and study the science of stars. I told her that I wanted to be like my dad and work for the army as a Computer hacker. I was about 14 that time when we had that conversation. Later, a couple weeks she left to go with her dad and stayed there for about 2 years. When she finally came back she was 16 and was so beautiful. During those 2 years we lost touch of each other, but when she came back I talked to her everyday and it seemed like nothing had changed and she told me all these stories about living in L.A., how people were so different there than here. That kind of inspired me to move to America when I was older. Later on Amber would call me a huge nerd because I graduated high school earlier than anyone else, and she'd always ask me for help on her homework, and I did. Although I got enough credits to graduate I still took some senior classes there like Calculus, but I was only in school for about 2 hours. My counseler let me go cap and gown for the class of 09 and it was an amazing experience, both me and Amber graduated with Honors. Amber got accepted in UCB and studied to be an astronomer. I got recruited into the army when I was 17, but I didn't pass the test because of my sleep deprivation. So I applied for SDSU to study computer engineering, and I got accepted there. Amber had to travel a lot to different Telescope Labs but we still got the time to chat on IM once in a while. At that time we were still freshmens in college and she told me she was going to drop out because it was to hard, but I told her she could do it and when she was posted in SD I helped her through some difficulties. She said I was the reason why she stayed in college that time. I said I was happy to help a friend. Then on the start of my Sophmore year she had just finished her enternship and was able to move to SD and network there from UCB but only for a year then she would have to go back and finish her credits there. Now its already half the semester and I've only got half a year to spend with her until she has to move back. I fell in love with this amazing woman, and I hope someday I'll get the guts to ask her to marry me.