• The day ahead was unpredictable and unstable, but she still arose with that same expectation that something magical was going to happen. A hope of supernatural occurrences haunted her mind with undying persistence. She was a dreamer. Always creating new scenes involving the lifeforms that surrounded her each day. In one frame, he would die, in the next, she would revive him with a glowing amulet of a brilliance unmeasured by the sun. He was always there. Always subject to her imagination. She needed a savior, for despite her dreams, she was alone. Walking through the halls, the judgmental glances, the persecutions. She needed another being to exist along side for she had misplaced her heart. And one day, he came to her, a light in her ever darkening days.
    He was dreamer as well. Creating entire worlds off of a single, municipal thought. A single idea could bring forth the birth of a species. His imagination astounded no one, aside from an ancient friendship. His ideas, as truly beautiful they were, brought hatred. He wasn't normal, an image of the average human being. No. He was different, therefore, he was secluded. He found someone. Someone who could lead him astray. Distract his thoughts away from the burning jeers. He thought it was real, something that could last. Those ideas were false. She changed, joining in along with the painful jeering. So, he distanced himself. Away from the pain, away from the pleasure. She wanted him back, but he knew it wasn't real. He knew there was something else, something better. He continued to force himself through the life of a dreamer. Placing his mind in false worlds, escaping the ever so present land in which he detested. Finally, she came to him. Begging for release from all of the lies she had been fed. Envy took place in a heart, causing a burning hatred towards her. Wanting nothing more than her unhappiness. He gave her the release she needed, saved her. They began sharing their pain, sharing their happiness. The world outside meant nothing now, for they were two but one. Two beating hearts joined together to form a bond stronger than the hatred they felt towards the world they were born in