• I remember when that kid got transferred to my class. It was his first year, then, when we had a break, I asked him:
    Me: Do you remember that friend of my from the last year?
    Him: Um, dude, this is my first year... do you remember?
    Me: ... My bad, sorry.

    *Awkward silence*

    After that, a friend of mine came by, saying:
    Him: Don't tell me you did the same... 'thing'.
    Me: It's not my fault. Seriously.
    Him: Right. Well, it sure got awkward that moment.
    Me: You weren't even there.
    Him: I was... I was behind you. And it really got awkward.
    Me: *Sigh*... leave me alone.
    Him: Fine... but, wait, seriously, it was both awkward and funny. It was mostly funny, though.
    Me: *Laughs*
    Him: *Laughs*
    The End.
    A nice way to make friends, is, when a person gets transferred to your class-room, never, but never, chat with him in the first place. Remember: never talk to him/her about your previous years in school. Because, this is his/her first year. Unless, you like awkward moments. sweatdrop
    And that's about it.