• Ah yes, I believe most of us have been that one person in the group that does all the work, letting everyone leech off of our hard work. Today I am recalling a certain group project that has me trembling with fury just thinking about it.

    My science teacher counted us off into groups, and I landed some... undesirable people. Useless Guy tapped away at his phone the whole damn class, occasionally stopping to say "Make sure you do that sh*t right." There was one girl who tried her best to help me do the assignment, but she just... she ended up just slowing me down, but whatever, I appreciate her effort.

    Let's talk about the worst b*tch of the group. Let's call her Libbie.The entire time she would not stop running her mouth about her boyfriend and her hot neighbor and her plans for the weekend and her friend's poodle and god knows what else. I wanted to take the superglue I was so carefully using to complete the project to glue her fat mouth shut. She had super long fake nails,

    "I can't use scissors. Nails."

    "I can't open this bottle. Nails."

    "I can't put help you with that. Nails."

    But she could text her friends and mess with her long silky hair and do her caky makeup with ease. Of course.

    With great difficulty, I finish the lab and the packet pretty much by myself and there are only a few minutes of class left. The lab report is due the next class, and Libbie says, "Oh my god guys, since I barely helped out with the lab I can do the lab report for next class so don't worry about it."

    I blinked in amazement. I was also slightly pacified and gave her a big smile and thanks. I was worry free and had faith that she would have it completed.

    I was a fool.

    The next class the very first thing she says to me is, "Oh my god, Jun, did you do the lab report? I couldn't do it I had to get ready for homecoming."

    Wh-what? WHAT? SAY THAT AGAIN. You didn't do the lab report because you hAD TO GET READY FOR HOMECOMING??? FU*KING HOMECOMONGINGINGIUHIUBFBG. That isn't an excuse. You look like you slept last night. You should have been like "I'll sleep when I'm dead" and finished that report because you said you would. How dare you pin this one me. Did you really expect me to somehow magically have a report done when YOU SAID YOU WOULD DO ONE?

    I clenched my jaw and held my shaking fingers to my forehead.

    I should have known better than to trust someone like her. The teacher went around asking for the reports and of course for the first time ever I have to tell a teacher that I don't have the damn assignment done. So I quickly, throughout the whole day, rush that sh*t to hell, practically growing old from the stress of it. I remember I had to borrow a laptop charger by some really creepy guy that had Cheeto stains all over his clothes just so I could print out the damn thing.

    At the end of the day, I'm running down the hallway frantically searching for my science teacher.

    "Hey is Ms. ******** in there?" I asked some other teacher coming out of the planning room.

    "Ah, no, I didn't see her," he replied.

    And of course, now I'm gulping down the bitter taste of defeat, of not getting the report to her by the end of the day.

    But then the guy turns around, looks again, and goes, "Oh actually she's way over there in the back."

    So I shove him out of the way and barge into the room and hand in my paper. It was done. Over. Finally. I had managed to save myself.

    After a few days, my teacher had graded the reports, and I had scored us a perfect 100. I was feeling great about it, but at the same time...

    The sh*theads who did nothing to help me got a 100. Yeah, you're welcome.

    They can go die now.