• One night in the Gorges Pass, a small village off the Falamein Moutains, a light went out at 1929 Plum St. In the house across the street, Rose Conner looked out the window. She heard a couple of crashes and screams issue out of the house then it exploded! Blown back from the window, Rose didn't see the dark figure step out of the house carrying twin babies.
    The figure was a man named Xaviar Fireball. He was Around 5'0 had dark wavy hair and dark skin. The man took out A Two-way radio and turned a couple of knobs. A Smooth voice buzzed in sounding very mechanical.
    "Yeah This Is Drago Speak!" The Voice Said. The that came from Xaviar was so full of secret meaning and darkness that it made the children cry: "I've got the children. Tyrone and olivia. The Light and dark children."