• There he stood, among my shadow on an late spring day. I wanted to say it, but I could not speak. I wanted to hug him tightly, though I could not grasp. As I got closer, all I could see were his beautiful eyes.

    Unsure of anything, I began to take five steps backwards, towards the river. As I stopped moving, he came closer and closer, wrapping his arms around my waist. I did not know what was happening but it felt so right. He hugged me by the river edge for a while. I had tried to move away…however it seemed as if he did not want to let go. When he let go, I sat down on the river edge.

    He stood behind me until I lied back on the grass of the river edge. He sat beside me when I lied down. Deciding if I should ask who he was, he said I knew him, but could not remember. Then he asked if I ever thought about if the butterflies knew where they were going to go. I couldn’t answer…he just smiled.

    After the sun was setting he lied beside me, slowly laying his head near my breast. I don’t know why, but I ran my fingers through his hair until we fell asleep.

    I think we were asleep for a few hours at the most. The cold night air had wakened us. We walked on the riverbank for hours talking of the past. He was so amazing. At the end of our walk, he began to cry and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. I tried to ask if I could stay with him, but he only walked away. The last he said was “I love you girl, and I’ll be back soon enough. “

    I hadn’t understood anything of what had just happened but I wanted to wait until he had returned. I decided to wait where he had left me, but it did not seem right to wait. Eventually I began to walk home.

    Each day after the walk with him, I returned to the river edge where we fallen asleep: to see if he would return. Well two weeks and three days later, he had returned, with a smile.

    He once again wrapped his arms around my waist. He whispered into my ear “All I want is to hold you close don’t worry.” After a while, he kissed my neck and let go of me. I did not try to move away this time, I didn’t want to.

    We once again fell asleep, holding each other, closer our bodies touched. The night chill did not wake us, as our bodies kept each other warm. He woke before I did the next morning.

    When the sun began to rise, he had wakened me with a soft kiss on my lips. His kisses made me wonder each kiss he had given me. Something about him made me so happy inside.

    However, that morning until noon, we did not talk to each other. Something was bothering him. I wasn’t sure to ask what it was, so I did not ask. He kept looking over at me…I sat across from him. Where ever he went…I tended to follow him…but stayed a distance away.

    During the evening, I gave him a kiss on his lips, and wrapped my arms around his waist. My head on his chest, listening to his heart beat so rapidly. He tried to move away, but I did not want to let go. He wrapped his arms around me, kissing my neck and near my ears. He then started to move his harms around my body tighter and closer.

    I let go and started walking my way home. I did not bother to say bye to him. After walking half way home, I looked behind me. He had followed me. When I looked back, he smiled and kept walking. I stood there until he caught up to me. He asked where we were going. I told him I was going home, and it was fine for him to come along.

    We kept walking, as we walked, he held my hand. We walked along the river edges until we got onto a road leading home. When we got to my home, going inside, he kissed me. It felt a little strange but yet it still felt right. We went into my bedroom to lie down. We were just starring at the ceiling, until he started tickling me.

    We started laughing, and when he stopped tickling me…he starred at me. His stare gave me an awkward feeling. I moved a little ways away from him. He moved closer and kissed my lips, then my neck. It felt so nice but I didn’t want it. He softly began sucking on my neck.

    I got out of the bedroom and went into the back yard. Only a few minutes after, he had come too. I was lying on the grass looking up at the sky. The clouds so white and made me wonder how soft they were. He came close to me, his shadow blocking the sunlight from hitting my body.

    ’What’s wrong? What did I do?” he asked.

    “Nothing, it’s nothing.” I said twice

    [Second time, whispered]