• Sometimes i lay asleep at night thinking why can't fantisy be reality, that was until fantisy became reality.
    I was travling around the world and finally descided that i was going to settle in New York. At least until I found what i really wanted to do with my life. That was when i met my fantisy become reality.
    I was walking home from work one night, because i didn't have money for a cab and i didn't have a car. I turned the wrong street and the second i saw what was going on i saw my life flashing before my eyes, I saw my mom and my dad my sister and my past. Everything. He wasn't a vampire like hoped. That was my real fantisy. And he wasn't a werewolf or demon or really anything cool or could kill me in a cool way like those creaters that don't exist. He was human like anyone he was human. He didn't look dangerous or mean or like he would hurt me in anyway, shape, or form. So why was my gut screaming for me run. Was it because it was late and that I didn't know him. I didn't listen to it and kept walking forward, I had idea i was forward until I was standing right under him. His breath smelled sweet and his skin looked soft as silk but as pale as the concrete. The whole thing was werid. But he was gorgouse that was probably why I had walked towards him. I looked in to his eyes and he stepped back from me. That wasn't odd I mean I didn't even know him.
    " Hi, umm do you know where this is?". I asked at first i didn't think he heard me then he answered.
    " Yes, and you shouldn't be here it is not safe for someone like you."
    " Oh well, could you tell me how to get back to Manhatten, I kinda got lost"
    " Yes. DO NOT COME BACK!!!!!"
    I didn't understand his anger, and the slight disgust in his voice it almost made me want to cry. But I didn't know him so I wasn't going to look weak to him.
    " Well whats your name?"
    " That you can not know you just have to leave". That made me angry.
    " Well i'm not leaving until I know who I'm talking to and who is about to give me directions back to my house how do i know you're not going to trick me?"
    " Look I don't want you any where near here and I don't want you near anyone else who is around here."
    " Why?"
    "I TOLD YOU ITS NOT SAFE FOR YOU" He was angry more angry then before.
    " Okay, I'm sorry".
    There where foot steps and then a low growl that was coming from this man that i didn't know. Then a low chuckle and another man came out from the dark and into the moonlight. He looked as soft as silk but as pale as concrete the same way that this other guy who i was talking to before looked but their features completely different.
    Then both where relaxed it seemed like they knew each other.