• By Michaela [kayla]

    When the sniper turned over the corpse of his enemy he stared into his brother’s dead face. From that moment he sat there with his brother’s corpse in his arms crying. Wondering why this war had to start. The fact that he killed his own brother had him stunned……..everyone is fighting against each other him and his brother were tore apart and now he’s dead.

    The moment when he killed his brother kept playing in his mind. He had no idea what was going to happen to him. So he decided to grab the gun and hide. Trying to recommence his self but it was too hard the pain and agony of the dead enemy was making him so sorrowful but he had to go on.

    From that moment he knew what he was going to do. He was going to think of the good times he had with his brother before all of this started. “Ah…good times.” he thought to his self, “But why did they have to end? Why do we have to fight like this? If we didn’t start fighting over stuff this wouldn’t have happened.”

    He realized that he didn’t blame his self for killing his brother, even though it was his fault, he blamed the government. It’s not like he planned to fight. No he was drug into this, he had no choice it was either join or die. It all didn’t make sense to him. He forgot why they started fighting in the first place.

    Hearing all the gunshots made him quiver. “I have to stay on my toes,” he thought, “I can’t be seen they’ll kill me. Oh, I hope this war ends soon.” The reason he wanted it to end is because he knew his brother had a family but he thought now he will never be coming back to them. He wanted to get home to his alive.

    “Not everyone lives.” he murmured, “But not everyone lives either, oh I hope I live.”
    Now he was weaving in and out of the other fights trying so hard to not get hit. He needed to get back to his base to get patched up and for his next mission. Half way there he started to slow down to a mire walking pace for in front of him was his friends and family. He thought “Is this a dream?” He started to walk forward towards the figures but he suddenly ceased his walking. His family and friends started to fade away.

    It was just a mirage. Why dose this war have to be so long. I want to go home. He noticed that he WAS home but no one was around. Everyone had been evacuated the day the war started. He sat at his front door and cried. There’s nothing he could do anymore he was crying not paying any attention. Then he was shot from behind. All he felt was happiness. “Maybe I’ll see everyone when I die,” he said softly and he slowly slipped away.
    The End!