• I miss you laugh auntie, I leave the nightlight on when I go to sleep, hoping you would wish me a good night, I miss you auntie, I try not to cry, but it hurts so bad, There for I cannot help but..Cry.. but I try to cry in the rain, so bobody can tell,Auntie, do you miss me? I hope you do, I learned how to swim, are you proud of me? though I miss you cheering me on, You had to go to early, though, I miss your dog, Rachel, I hope she is with you, Up there. I hope you are having a nice time in Heaven, I wish I was there with you, I miss you, and I love you, Why are you gone now? Its hurts to bad, I miss you making me surprise birthday parties for me, but now that is gone, well I should stop now, but I have one last thing to say:

    I love you,