• “Julie?” I heard Michael say “Hehe…Yeah, I….I….” I have to think fast. “I wanted to practice some more, and something woke me up, and I couldn’t fall back asleep…and I…” I looked at Penny with pleading in my eyes “She was in the dancing mood.” Penny saved me! “Oh, ok. Why don’t we practice together? Our solo is the hardest part.” I have to think of something and something fast! “I am not in the mood anymore…I think I am getting tired again.” I let out a fake yawn, but at the end it turned into a real one. Michael looked stunned “What? I…I” I stopped his protesting with my hand. “I am sorry Michael; I don’t even have my costume.” I said “What does it matter? Were just practicing.” I could see the sorrow in his eyes, I knew I would give in, but it didn’t hurt to give it a try, see how much he wanted me in his arms as much as I wanted to be there. “Please, my Barbie, come; dance with me!” The way he said dance with me sounded like an order. I didn’t like were this was going… then a smile came on my face. He wanted me, really wanted me. I walked slowly towards him, teasing him. He grasped me in a hug. No, not a hug. He was behind me, his hands on my stomach. “You do not know what you did to me, my little Barbie.” I turned around and put my hands on his neck. “Please, stop calling me Barbie. Barbie’s have blond hair” A frowned went across around his mouth; he took his left hand off my waist and twirled a strand of my hair “Oh, Julie. You’re my special Barbie, a one-of-a-kind Barbie.” He started swaying back and forth. I let my head fall on his shoulder, not moving my arms. “Julie, I need you now. You left me thinking about you all night. I couldn’t get sleep. Then, I thought of a brilliant idea, I could impress you enough to let your lips land on mine, but, you caught me.” Still swaying, my pulse getting faster and faster “Michael, it has only been three days,” he interrupted me “Oh Julie. I have looked at you for the longest time. And I see you looking at me. I have always wanted to get to know you better, and I begged Mrs. Dollanganger
    To let you dance with me, don’t you see Julie…I love you.” He leaned in, how many times we have been leaning into each other. What should I do? Should I let him kiss me? Or should I run? Wait, I couldn’t run! His grip so tight around me…he wasn’t letting me go. He stopped his head so close to mine, and just like the dream, I could feel his breath on me. His hot breath. “Julie, you body stiffened.” I blushed so fast I thought I would be a red balloon “That’s because I am thinking.” I said “Oh, Julie. Don’t think, just for this one time…don’t think.” I put my head off his shoulder and looked into his eyes, he was telling the truth! “Michael, before we kiss,” I smile went to his face “I want to know…why me?” He was thinking for a while then he looked me straight in the eyes “Julie, I don’t know why. As soon as I saw those beautiful eyes look at me, my heart beaded. The next day, it was your turn to dance; you made it look so easy. That’s when I sort of knew. I believed that you were my dream girl. And, the more I got to know you, the more I wanted you. You were different. That is what shocked me the most. You are so pretty, but usually I only go for blonds. You…you stole my heart.” He said, so peacefully, but yet there was a hint of drama in his voice. Making him afraid he would say something wrong and I would dash away. “Oh Michael!” I hugged him so hard; I could feel his heart beating against mine, the same rhythm. He pulled me off his body, I looked him straight in the eyes “Did I say it right?” he said, his skin, so pale “Michael, there wasn’t more of a right answer from you.” And with that word, you, he put his hands around my head and leaned in. I closed my eyes, it was rude to stare. His body started shaking, was this his first time as well? It…It couldn’t be, just couldn’t. I wish I didn’t close my eyes; it was taking him so long just to touch my lips. Then I felt something, he let go of me! I opened my eyes “What?” A hand went over his mouth, he started laughing. I felt so stupid! Another one of his tricks, eh? I knew I shouldn’t have trusted him. But yet, there was disappointment in my soul. “What?!?” I said, the panic in my voice, in mid laughter he tried to stop and take death breaths, and then he started laughing again. Then his eye’s came to mine, the laughter vanished. A huge frown crept to his face. At first, I didn’t know why he was frowning, then… I noticed I was crying, and he was laughing! “Julie! My god, I am so sorry.” He said “Michael!! What happened?” He got closer to me, than but as hurt as I was, I found the need to step back “Your hands, they were on my back doing this swirly thing. I tried not to laugh, but I couldn’t help it! It tickled so much…” If you were in my shoes right now, you would have not found the need to survive. “Julie, I am so sorry, I messed up our first kiss didn’t I?” I felt the anger rush into my heart, it replaced the sorrow “OF COURSE YOU MESSED IT UP! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT!!” I shouted at him, now he looked as hurt as I was “Julie…” I put up my hand “No need Michael, I understand now, I bet this whole thing was a trick from the beginning, just to show yourself that every girl can’t resist you, but I have some news for you! You…you…I really believed you.” The tears came once more “Julie, oh my god, Julie…No! It’s not like that; it just tickled so much…” But before he could say anything else, I grabbed my jacket and things and walked out the door, this time, not giving him a second smile, or a second thought. I cried myself to sleep that night.