• For years and years, people have said homosexuality is an abomination, or interracial relationships are wrong, or only associate with people in your own "class", not some poor kid from a few blocks over or that rich girl up in Beverly Hills. They said, "Your love is wrong," or "It's evil/unjust/a sin." They said, "It's between a man and a woman," "It's between people of the same color only," or "They're too good for you." Priests have been forbidden to marry by the Church, laws have been passed forbidding same-sex marriage, men and women alike have fought and died for their right to be with who they love. Why? Why is that? Why have so many people been told their love is inferior to someone else's?
    Does anyone even know?
    Is there even reason?
    Is it anything but the same old fear of the different that's plagued humanity for so long, that's caused us to try and snuff out the love of others, when it does nothing to hurt us?
    It's not.
    And it keeps on happening and it seems like even no, no one but those being wronged will step up, act like they have a pair and say "What makes you think you have the right to do this?" I'm a straight guy. And I'm with them on this one. Interracial marriage is legal now, and this is great. People are marrying "out of their class" now much more than in the past. What my focus is now, is that the people whose struggle continues today most noticably when you'd think we would've learned our lesson.
    What's the freaking objection to gays people getting married?
    All you religious buffs can go shove it right now if you want to say, "It's not holy," "It's a sin," or any of that bull. You religion may be law to you, but what you believe is NOT the law of the world until you can find some proof to back it up. You can NOT tell an entire group of people BORN INTO THIS CONDITION, that they're "sinners" and their way of life is "wrong". You wanna be a bunch of fascists, fine then, take it somewhere else because you're not worth the time I've put into this paragraph. Anyone who thinks they can tell an entire group of people who are doing nothing to harm anyone that they're "sinners" has got some serious issues.
    And the government, the biggest thorn in the side of these peoples' rights. They have pretty much all the authority. They say who can and can not get married, they say what's official and what's not, they say what is right and what is wrong. And by saying gays cannot marry each other, they completely ignore that part of the Constitution that states, "all men were created equal" and they tell you, by making gay marriage illegal, that it is "wrong" and NOT equal to heterosexual marriages. They think it is BENEATH heterosexual marriages. Last time I checked, love was love no matter who it's with and any love is valid. Equal. Putting laws and limitations on love? Even worse, saying that someone born to love people of the same sex, can't have the same right to it as a straight person? Sorta reminds you of when they said because someone was born black they couldnt marry a white person, huh?
    This country was founded on the principle that all people were created equal, something which means, to me, that no one can be denied their most basic rights because of race, gender, religion, etc. For me, this includes sexuality. It's the same thing as rascism except now you can't just look at a guy and say "OH THEY LOOK WEIRD, LET'S CUFF EM!" The gays and lesbians and bi's look like anyone else, except when they flamboyantly display it, but hey, fashion models wear some crazy stuff so why can't everyone else? Gay people are born gay. It can't be helped, it can't be cured, and it hurts NO ONE. Hell, if gay marriage was legal it'd really help the overcrowding problem in the world today and i'm SURE some of the ones who want kids will adopt, saving a lot of orphans!
    But enough about the government telling gays they can't get married. Know why? If you ask me, they CAN'T. Marriage has been around waaaaaaaay londer than the government, the church, etc. So Christianity, don't say it's your thing, it's not. Marriage is far older and has a much broader meaning than what people like to slap on it. I you ask me, "true marriage" is simply two people who love each other agreeing to stay with each other for the rest of their lives. And no matter who you are, you can't stop that. If the two people involved want to be married, as far as i'm concerned they already are. Divorce? They change their minds, end of story. The ceremony can be whatever they feel like within reason, but no matter what it is, they end result is still the same.
    Marriage isn't controllable. It means the two people involved love each other and want to stay together. All it really is is saying to the other person, "I want to be with you forever," and the other person replies, "So do I." I'm not saying some adult and kid should get married, my personal opinion is it can't be taken as anything more than childs play or wishful thinking until about the age of 18. And the people should know each other in person and do it in person, because what you say and what you write or type can be taken very differently and the meaning can be affected drastically.
    But all that matters in the end, in my opinion, is that you both love each other and want to spend the rest of your lives together. If those two things apply, you might as well be married already. No one, no God or government, can tell you not to love another person. If they think they've REALLY outlawed it, fine. But love is beyond controlling. It is only what you and your partner want it to be, whether you're a guy and a guy, a girl and a girl, or one of each.
    It's love, not law.