• My thoughts on “emotion and the soul”

    The great majority of religions all have on common factor-- “the soul”. Emotions and the soul have a common factor and are linked to one another. To me the eyes are the gateway to the soul, revealing emotions and feelings that make us human, and serve as living proof that we as humans have a soul. When you cry do you not feel emotion? Do you not feel the overwhelming urge, whether sadness or pleasure? Do you not show that emotion in a tear? I’m not saying I’m a religious man, but I do believe we “humans” were put here on this little blue planet to live, and in living, find our own destiny, our own pathway to living. When we die, our souls live on either in heaven or on earth, to look upon the living. The eyes then are the key to seeing and understanding the human way of existence. With our eyes, we have seen our lives and our own destinies play out before us.