• I walk down the street.my best friend comes over to me in a rush.
    "Omg did you hear about the new guy."She said.
    I stared at her.why dos she think i care?I don't its just a other uptight dude,that will never look me in the eyes.
    "Yeah,i know about him".I replied.
    She look at me as if she was whiting for for me to say something.
    she came closer."so...what do you think of him?"she said as if i was the dumbest person ever,to not reapply with enthusiasm.
    "what do you mean?"i said confused.
    "well.. isn't he hot."she stared at me.
    i mean of cores i he is hot to me,but he is just anther one of thous boys.
    "um...ya."i said.
    she stared at me blankly.
    her face terned red,i felt me starting to sweet.
    "hes hot hes the best thing made from god iv ever seen!how can you just YA?!hes more like a' ho my god'.i expected your eyes to role inside your head,then your head to blow off.
    what is wrong with you,how can you be so heartless ,to not make your head blow off."
    she was done,finely.she was panting for air after her long speech about my head blowing off.i walked slowly with her.she looked at me so sad.
    "i am sorry but he isn't my type..okay?"i said trying to make her understand.
    "NO!!!"she yelled at me.we stopped walking she came closer,her face in mine. making me bend backward."he is so your type...he is awesome that is your type."she said,i was clearly letting her down.
    i huffed.she was making she face i could not turn away.i thout did i like him?i stud around for a moment thinking.no...no way ,i didn't like him...ew.
    "NO...he is never going to be my type!"i didn't beleave her.i didn't like him.she cant make me like him.
    "just meet him ...pleas?"she bagged.
    "fine."I said.
    we went to the old coffee shop.he and his friends were always there.
    i had i sudden need for food.i walked up to the ordering counter.there was no one there.so i waited there.
    5 min.s past.
    he walked over to me.
    slowly, coolly,perfectly
    hes face was inches from mine.
    his breath smelled amazing .
    "hi".he breathed on me.
    i was hesitant i couldn't move.

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