• DANG alot of ppl think haking is for noobs well if u think that ur probley a white a** or maybe ur slow on larning and ur in spiecal ed but im here to educate u about hacking well first thing u need to know is that hackers are smart considering my self cool anyways hackers are smart they find out ppls password and NOOBS AS PPL SAY NOOBS ARENT SMART THATS HOW THEY GET DUMPED AND HACKED BY ME OR MY CLAN(I MADE A CLAN CALLED MIDNIGHTHACKERS)ITS FUN BUT THE POINT IS THAT THERES TWO DIFFERNTS BETWEEN HACKERS AND NOOBS.Now hackers like me send these tlr websites to noobs that are rich but stupid and thats just me well sometimes theres smart cause they make a nooby account and trades all there rich items to there new account anyways moving onu need to know that theres no such things as earning gold from websites so dont be STUPID and if u follow these steps then u wont be hacked

    well i hoped i educate u about hacking and i dont hack ppl untill i get pissed off stressed