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    It was a sunday like everyday noah would meet up with brice,
    and brian. They would cause sooo much trouble! Spray paint
    peoples' garages' and their sheds too. It was their favorite thing
    to do. "Chase!!" Yelled noah his bigger brother, "What?"
    "If we get in trouble for doing this were blaming it on you
    got it?" "uhmmm.." "ok bub." The next day at school
    chase spilt milk on his shirt and was upset! "Why can't i be popular?"
    Suddenly his friend matthew came up and smiled he began
    to laugh!! "What, you can't betray me matthew!" Said Chase,
    "it is funny though!!!" Matthew was laughing hard.
    When Chase got home he began his homework, and so did his
    his brother noah. "Noah, how can i be popular like you, and i want
    better friends than i'll ever get!" "But how do i?" Chase asked.
    "I have no clue, just try to be popular cause you'll always be a nerd!"
    Noah began to laugh. Even chase's brother thought it was funny.
    For three weeks chase acted like his older brother then he got more
    friends, it's funny though cause all of them was trouble makers! "Man it
    seems so diffrent being THIS popular." When school was over chase
    seen his brother taking drugs. "Bub what are you doing?" "Look if you tell mom i swear i will.." "Don't worry i won't" Chase would not cause trouble
    between his brother and mom. The next day noah said he was sick,
    but everytime chase watched noah take the pills it worried him.
    But those few weeks noah became real sick trowing up and coughing
    the mom did not know the cause of why. But then that day the mom
    took noah to the doctor and the doctor became exetrememly worried!
    "I'm afrain i don't know the cause mrs. Callibu, the only cause i can come up with is...well...drugs and in that ca.. "What!" "My baby did drugs!" Noah's mom was really worried so surprised and upset. She was so worried she didn't let the doctor finish. Over the past hours mom waited in the waiting room, the doctor came out with bad news. "Your son has passed ...away." Said the doctor. "What!!" "My baby's dead!!" "NOO!"on the next sad day everyone in the family and noah's friends' came to the funiral and chase thought "How are they popular?"