• With my integrity intact, I walk down the isle past the superficial, vacuous girls.
    Knowing they hold a stark view of me, but not caring as I spew out potent and malevolent truisms at them.
    Facing the altar of your disreputable god, realizing you are all endemic of a sterile, hateful breed. You act with guile in your eyes, deceit on you tongue. You misconstrue how i fathom your true itinerary, faking placid faces only to attempt to placate me.
    My naturally clairvoyant personality sees through your facade. You allude to your perfect world, I cannot fathom how you survive each day. My actions are exemplary, but you'll no doubt plagiarize my ideas, my thought. You'll use some pretext to use my brain for your book. The holy book of lies protrudes from the altar conclusively letting me know, you'll try to drive your ideas through my head. You glare at me as I scream out at your deaf god. The zealous priest begins praying as I defame, and expose the lies you savor. This grotesque fracas brings pure joy at I knock you down, where you have nothing but droll, mandatory alacrity. You are forced to like me, to pity me. Wouldn't you like to sedate me, to bottle my prowess for your own.
    Your decorum sickens me, you smile at me with antipathy. You know my militate actions scare you, you can't believe I fight against you. I indulge in all your sins, I enjoy my flaws, and I don't care. Your tacit hypocrisy isn't as trenchant as you think it is. I have no remorse