• Lunar was sitting on her soft feathery bed staring at her picture of her family; Her self, her twin brother, Father, Mother, and older brother. All her memories came back at once, the most terrible time of her life, Her own older brother Killing every one in there family. Leaving only her twin brother and her self-alive, and lonely. She stared at the picture for a moment, remembering her beloved brother, spiky short black hair, quiet, great personality, charcoal eyes, and always training. Then suddenly the phone rang.

    Lunar answered “Hello?”
    “Hello! Is this Lunar Uchiha?” The man excitedly asked.
    “Yes…speaking,” lunar said in a Creeped out voice.
    “Congratulations!!!, you out of many high school students have been chosen because of your talent!” The man excitedly said.
    “Why?” Lunar asked
    “Well Duh, Your awesome talent of art!” The man said In a annoyed way.
    “Oh…OK,” lunar said.
    “Any Ways, The place is called the Akatsuki High School, and it’s were all kinds of people come to use other skills to good use,” the man explained.
    “Oh, sound kinda interesting,” Lunar, said pacing around her room.
    “if you want to transfer to this wonderfully amazing High School, just come in today and bring your clothing and other material, Also once you get there, meet the principal in the main office,” the man explained.
    “And were might this main office be?” She questioned looking out here window.
    “356 Kunai road!” He answered.
    “I’d Love To transfer!, I’ll be there today, can you inform the principal about that?” Lunar questioned.
    “SURE WILL!!!!, oh and that means that I’ll be seeing you latter,” the man said and then hung up.
    “Finally, a High School that can accept me for who I am,” Lunar sighed and plopped on her bed staring at the ceiling.

    Lunar jumped out of her bed and grabbed a giant suitcase and stuffed her clothes in it. She then went of to go take a shower and it took a good 10 minutes, She got out and put on a Black T-shirt, some light purple pants, and tied her long black hair up into a ponytail.

    Lunar almost had forgotten her most lovable pet of all time, Midnight a young little wolf cub, He’s black with white at the tip of his tail, also talks, and is full of fun.
    “I almost forgot you!” Lunar said as she picked him up and placed him on her head.
    “Were are we going Lunar-Chan?” questioned Midnight.
    “Some Place were we are going to be accepted” she said and walked out of the door, leaving the empty small house by it self.