• Individuality vs. Society

    As I think about the state of the world and how things seem good or bad, what is considered right or wrong, I ponder about one thing: what are the motives for what drives the world? So far, the barriers people face are the things that high end people classify as ‘normal’. These so called normal people are part of a large conformity that allows them access to most other resources the other people can not.

    Normal or ‘average’ is the standard for living and getting to these resources. If anyone falls lower or higher than this standard, than not only do they get turned down, but it is by the standards of normality that any other generation following this will most likely get turned away as well, setting a new standard for those out of the laws of normality.
    Giants, little people, punks, Gothic’s, homosexuals, the especially gifted and the disabled are just some of the many types of people who fall out of bounds of normality. They are considered rejects of society because they were born differently and had gained different personality traits not favored by average people. They were born with different adaptations that that they use to live their lives as ‘normal’ as possible. This also accounts for those with a culturally different background such as Asians, Africans and First Nations people.

    Yes, I speak about individuals, people who are different because genetics and different life experiences made them the way they are. They are gifted with extra senses, artistry, new ways to express themselves and for some, find ways of helping other individuals in need. We call them Musicians, Artists, Sports players and Psychics. We call them rally goers, cause supporters and protesters. Those who live in the throes of normality have come with strategic ways so that individuals may come off as a means of entertainment.

    Giants were given sports so that normal people can see how athletic tall people can be. Little people have been exploited over the years in the entertainment industry as mostly props so to speak. Artists and musicians have their hard work up for display so that normal people can scrutinize them and decide whether it is acceptable or not.

    Truth is, no one is normal, and if they give up their individuality so that the rest of the average people can take them in and allow access to the resources, that is their loss. They gave up a part of themselves to that they can have a richer sense of security and peace of mind. What is peace of mind when you have given your old peace of mind away to the confines of normality? That does not seem like something I would ever enjoy.

    I am a First Nations individual who is by no means, normal. I have flaws, but who doesn’t? Normality is flawed in that it separates and destroys individuals like myself and often tries to force us into retreat. That imbalance is the very cause of so many problems. If we can learn to be accepting of ourselves for who we are, we can better understand and create a solution to the problems of society as we know it.