• Friendship in the Night

    "Oh my Gosh" exclamied Marcia Gracey to her other two best friends Joy Robinsion and Aly Carter. 'What is wrong with you'? Joy quietly said, 'Nothin its just them bitches Dreeka and Breshonda getting on my freaking nerves'. 'Girl you still trippin off them jealous hoes?' Aly exciteldy screamed. 'Baby yes' Marcia said. 'Lets go before Marcia ends up whipping someone a**' Joy shouted.
    * * *
    'Mama I don't understand why Marcia acts like that I know her mother taught her better then just walking around here cursing everyone she knows that's just not right.' Joy Robinsion told her 35-Year old mother Joyce Robinsion. 'Joy boo why are you worrying about her?' 'Because she's my bestfriend and I love her and I also want her to get better.'
    'Well baby you need to let her spend time with herself and I got to go to work unless you want to be eating Ramen Noodles or living on Welfare for the rest of our lives'. 'Okay mama Bye. Sliently Joy sits thinking about how hard life has been since her father died just two months ago. She thought about how much of a difference he would have made by calling her his Bundle of Joy and saying maybe Marcia is going through a hard time in life and needs your joy. Joy chuckeled to herself as she fell into the warm bath tub.
    'Baby we got to stopp doing this before one of us end up dead some where from a overdose from this bricks' Aly Carter said to her boyfriend of 2 years Fred Jackson. 'Girl whatchu talking about?, we aint gonna have no overdose. Fred said while blowing a bundle of smoke out of his mouth.

    I'am Not done yet just wanted ppl to judge it now lol