• our world is just a rock in space between millions of other rocks the only difference is that we live on it, us humans, we made this world as what it is and we formed it as we like it, was the world that easy to control before or not, is the people happy on this planet?
    more than a million years before, since the first man appered he learned to use the nature for his own goals he learned how to hunt for food and fur but even so he did he was never satisfied with what he made but he wanted to discover more and it happend, he discoved and learned more about the world he knew that if he used horses he'd go faster.
    and here the human race started to evolve and he learned how to cure himself with plants and water, he learned how to cook, how to make, how to build ,how to create.
    he learned to fight and kill which he did and he distroyed this planed while doing so, and finally he did it, he discovered over the years how to rule and win but what he did had a cost, a price which other people from his own race paid for thats why we see rich and poor people nowadays.
    now let me ask you have you ever seen your part of this world and compaired it with others?
    try it you might find something you never expected.