• Quote:
    Love is a dark hole waiting to suck me in
    Why dont I feel safe anymore?
    Gotta fight for all I live for.
    Don't care how much I cry.
    Just wanna look into your eyes.

    Im scared my life is falling apart.
    And its all your fault!
    Im scared...

    You'll break my heart!
    But how!
    Can you break my heart when its broke in two?
    How can I be...
    In love... with a man like you!

    Don't you see when I fight?
    It's all for you!
    And no one cares but you!
    You are the one I love.
    But you are the one I hurt.
    So why must I stand by you, when I feel so hurt, and put so low, that I cant see you!

    Love hurts so Fhucking much.
    So why must I love you?
    I may be loved right now.
    But I cant love you.

    Cuz your dead you died last year!
    You aren't really here.
    Now we both will disapper.

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