• *Yawn* “Wow, that was one long day at work, I should be heading home now, Jenny is probably worried.” A short and somewhat plump man in his mid 40’s said as he exited a tall building.
    Around the corner of his eye the old man could see a tall figure, he would have seemed normal but for some odd reason he was wearing a WWI style trench coat, and he seemed to be glancing in his direction. In a quick realization, the man had realized he might have been followed for a while now. Paranoia got the best of him and he sprinted down an abandoned street, a cat stumbling out of a nearby trashcan because of the presence of the followers.
    “I’ve been waiting for you to do something stupid like this.” The tall lanky man said as he reached into his coat pocket, “And silly ol’ me thought you would never slip up…”
    “Wh-who are you and what is it that you want with me!?” Shouted the old man with surprise.
    “Oh, I think you know, and now its your time to go.” The man pulled out a gun and fired three precise shots directly through the man’s head, chest, and leg.
    The man coughed up blood while laying on the floor, and with his last breath he said “It can’t be…”

    “What! Paul was murdered!?” shouted a tall man that appeared in his mid 30’s and was beaded with sweat. “I can’t believe something like this could have happened…! First its Chris, now even Paul, the original manager. What’s this world coming to!?” The man shouted.
    “Mr. Anderson, I have the new copies of the documents you asked for, and I am also very sorry for what has happened to Paul, but what’s done is done, if you are going to be in charge of a high class magazine such as Time, your going to have to get your thoughts strait.” A short man with glasses said calmly.
    “Thanks Andrew, I’m glad you’re my assistant, I suppose losing two of our writers just shocked me. I’m going to get some rest.” Said Mr. Anderson as he walked into his office and slammed his door closed.
    “Did he hear a single word I said?” Andrew asked himself as he went back to work.

    George Anderson lay down on the expensive couch he kept in his office for times like this, “I just wish that I knew who the killer was and how to stop them.” He stuttered as he closed his eyes.
    “I’m glad you just said that.” Said a mysterious voice seemingly coming from the walls, “do not worry, I am not the murderer, but I have a deal for you” said the voice again, only this time a body emerged from the shadows.
    With surprise George looked at the figure for several seconds, seeing that he seemed tall, and yet all you could see of him was a glow from his eyes and a pitch-black overcoat. “Who are you…?” Mr. Anderson managed to say, still in a state of shock.
    “That is none of your business, but for now refer to me as Damasu*, I am a detective, but I only work on cases that interest me, and lately this case seems a bit interesting.” Said Damasu as he took yet another step closer, revealing a menacing smile.
    “H-how much would this cost me?” stuttered Anderson yet again.
    “It depends the turn-out, if it is a worthy case with a good and exciting ending, I might just charge you for the entertainment value and do it free. But otherwise, I will determine the price later. But don’t worry, I’m considered cheap for a private-eye.” Said Damasu calmly.
    “Do you know anything yet, any leads, if you do I will hire you. If not then get out however you got in the first place.” Said Anderson with a bit more confidence this time.
    “As a matter of fact, I do have a lead already. If I had to guess I would say it is most likely the Kuro gang, but that’s only a guess, it could be anyone. I will be obtaining the evidence in any terms possible, that is if you let me have the case.” Said the figure as he shifted back to the shadows.
    “Fine. You can help, but don’t blame me if you go and get yourself killed.” Said Mr. Anderson, still observing the mysterious man.
    “Good.” Said the man, just as there was a flicker of lightning, and he was gone.

    “Great Damasu, getting a job inside the case! You never let me down.” Said a tall Great round man with long, black, and greasy hair and a curly mustache.
    “Thank you so much Kuro!” shouted a tall man wearing a black overcoat, and wearing an allergy mask. “It would be easy for me now to accuse someone minor of being the actually murderer now. As long as you have someone on the inside, it should turn out all right.” Said Damasu with enthusiasm that just seemed to not match his personality at all, but mostly on looks.
    “O.K. that’s enough, back to business, here are some fake letters with a old man with a criminal record’s signature on it requesting an assassin to get rid of those two Nitwits. I mean who cant follow a simple order of sabotaging Time magazine, we need to work to, and we have some very eager clients who pay us our weight in gold to sabotage their enemies.” Said Kuro as he shifted in his swivel chair so he could see out his window. “Now get lost, I have work to do.”
    “Yes sir!” shouted Damasu as he exited the room, bumping onto the desk on his way out.
    “Also, one more thing. What exactly is your real name? I know its not Damasu.” Said the round man, swiveling once more to get a look.
    “Sorry sir, but that’s none of your business.” Said Damasu with fitting confidence, “And with that, I depart.” Damasu walked out of the room gracefully this time and something seemed odd.

    For the first time in a week Damasu decided to stop by Mr. Anderson’s office, and he had some good news. “I have a lead on the case.” He said swiftly. “I found some letters that will definitely Bust someone for these murders. These are addressed to Thomas E. Lee, a well know mobster in this area. I would think that this is legitimate evidence.
    “Very good, I will take these to the police and we will obtain warrant for arrest immediately. How id you get a hold of these anyway?” Said Mr. Anderson with great interest.
    “All will be revealed soon, I promise.” Said Damasu slyly.
    “An attitude like will most likely not earn you many cases, but um just happy we have this.” Said Mr. Anderson excitedly.
    “I don’t mind, I usually choose my cases anyway.” Said Damasu as he slipped out of the door, keeping to the shadows.

    The day of the arrest came, and a row of police cars pulled to an apartment building. Bursting through the doors Policemen began racing up both staircases, and when the got to the apartment building, Damasu was waiting.
    “What are you doing here?” asked on cop curiously.
    “Just observing the results of my hard work.” Said Damasu plainly as if everyone should know already.
    “Well fine, just dot get in our way.” Said the cop as he turned around and then motioned for a man to break down the door.
    Inside there was a large man sitting on the couch, sipping a beer. “what seems to be the problem officers?” asked the large man innocently.
    “You are under arrest for murder, Kuro!” Shouted the Cop that led the way in.
    Suddenly Kuro’s face was beaded with sweat, “How did you know!? I made so sure of myself!” But then his eyes met Damasu’s and he snapped “TRAITOR! YOU WHERE HELPING ME REMEMBER! NOT THIS POLICE SCUM!” But Damasu just shook his head.
    “You shouldn’t be so trusting, after all I’m still new, yet you never checked me for any kind of wire tap or anything. You didn’t even bother to hide your office key when I was invited in. You truly are pitiful.” Said Damasu as he turned around and exited to talk to Mr. Anderson to discuss the price.
    “Why you! Don’t just leave!” Shouted Kuro as he was restrained and pulled out to a police car.

    “Well how much is it going to cost me for your wonderful deduction.” Asked Mr. Anderson, looking as if his whole day was ruined.
    “Don’t worry, I enjoyed this case. It didn’t even require too much skill anyways. Your fee will be $1.” Said the detective with a laugh.