• One day in Glasgow a girl went missing her name was Megan. She was a cheerful girl always polite and cared for people but one day she was gone...

    Right it all started when Amy,James and Natasha went to get Megan from her home so she could walk to school with us. Ok so we got to her house and there were 2 police car's on the road next to the house! So we were like oh my god! We were all jumping to conclusing's! So Amy knocked on the door and a person in black answered! "Hello who r u?!". Amy said "I'm Megan's friend and this is James *James waves* and Natasha *Natasha does the peace sign*, Who r u?!". "You better come in then."
    We walked into the house it was all messy and glass was smashed! We saw Megan's Dad and Mum sitting on the couch crying. "What is wrong Karen?". *Amy hugs Megan's mum* "We can't find Megan and when we came down stair's everything was messy! She was'nt in her bed!". Amy looked at James "James can I talk to u for a sec?" "sure Amy". *Amy grabbed James by the hand and talked to him outside* "What are we gonna do Megan is gone!?". James started to worry about Megan in a way he never felt for her before. Amy and James went back into the house. James grabbed the photo album of us graduating our primary school. "Amy,look at this picture of you,your gorgeus!". He said it like he was surprised!"James!" Amy looked at James in a way that made her feel like bursting out with laughter or to just look cute!
    We started thinking about who would want to take Megan away,what she used to be like when she was here and my favourite how when we were down she would sing! She would always say that if we did'nt smile we won't last for a while,I know it doesen't make sense but it doesen't have to it rhymes!
    We started getting pictures of Megan and uploading them onto the computer and printed Missing signs. "I can't believe she's gone! I can feel her touch here and the way she smells of "Touch of pink".
    We started putting them up around town and we thought she would be home but we were wrong! I went home and got in to my PJ's. I switched on my laptop and logged onto msn. *computer beeps* Ohhh a message it was James.
    Any news James?
    Nope noone has phoned yet Amy it's early for that.
    =( James i'm used to having her here. We need her back NOW!
    Ohhh Amy Natasha just came on and Heeyoun and Alannah add them to the conversation!
    Okayy *adds them to conversation* Hi Alannah,Heeyoun and Natasha!
    Hi Amy...and James (All)
    ello Ladies Any news from ur area?
    Nup =(
    Guys we need Megan back!
    Amy we will find her I promise this to you!
    Okay James =)
    Bye guys i'm gonna go to bed! Bye
    Same here (All)
    *everyone logs off*

    The next morning they got a call from Megan's house all saying the same thing "Important thing's are now happening come on to Megan's house!!".
    They all arrived at her house. They all knocked on the door. "Heyy guys come on in!".Megans mum was the one who answered the door. "Right guy's important thing's we might have found your mate!". *Amy bursts into tears with Natasha,Heeyoun and Alannah,James gets the tissues and kisses them all on the cheek then gives them a hug* "It's okay she's gonna be okay!" He said that to all of us! "Lucky you James you've got 4 girlfriend's! dramallama

    We started heading off to where they might have found her. We all bursted in and we saw a girl tied up in a chair.It was Megan! "Megan!". "Guys help me this nut job is keeping me in here!". "Hmmmm you found this place did'nt you little kid's? *door slams* Hmmmmm what are you doing here?". "Do you have a child in here?". "Yes my sisters kid's!". Police comes in. "Afternoon kid's! This your uncle?". "No". "Okay thanks kid's!". *cuffs him*

    *Amy hugs Megan soooo tightly she can't breath!* We all go home and Megan is living a normal life now like it never even happend! She's starting art school soon! This story is 100% true and look after you and your friend's!