• I Can Remember The First Day I Came To That God Forsaken House. The Road My Dad Drove On Was Bumpier Than A Toad And Once We Even Had To Stop To Fix A Flat Tire. My Sister Krystal Was Crying The Whole Way Because She Wanted To Stay With Mother, But She Doesn't Know Mother Is Dead. Only Me And Dad Do, Every Family Has Its Secrets And Sometimes The Secret Doesn't Get To The Whole Family. Me Maw Doesn't Even Though Her Only Daughter Is Dead, That's Why Me And Krystal Are Gonna Stay The Whole Summer Here. To Take Care Of Her After We Give The Heart Wrenching News. Oh God, I Can Already See Her Hanging In The Parlor Room From The Chandelier. What A Wonderful Summer This Was Going To Be. As We Got Closer The Signs Of The Country Was Pulling Into View. I Looked Down At My Drawing Paper I Brought Along To Pass The Time And A White Wolf Was Drawn Unto The Last Page. "Dad..." I Said. "Yea Janey?" His Grovel Voice Said Almost As If He Was To Tired To Talk. "Do You Know Who Drew In My Drawing Tablet?" I Said Confused. "No." He Said In The Same Tone. 'Oh..." I Said A Little Disappointed. Nobody Talked After That, What Was There To Say? I Looked At The Wolf Picture Again It Was Greatly Detailed. It Looked like It Was Standing Right In Front Of Me With Its Yellow Eyes Glowering. Then Before I Knew it Me Maw's house Came Into View. I Realized That This Was Going To Be A Very Boring Summer....Or Thats What I Thought.

    To Be Continued.