• people say that death is a wonderful thing, you finally get to soar up to heaven. But what if this is heaven and were already dead and what we think is heaven is real life and when we die we come back to what we call is heaven and when we die there we find another life to live in what we call earth. What if there was nothing beyond the world and we just sat there for all eternity in our graves recalling the memories of our life. wouldn't that suck the only comfort that you have is that the dirt can't get to your bones and the rain will keep out, unless you were burned and turned into ashes then you just sit there waiting for company to come.
    If heaven is such a great place why do we have people trying to stay alive why not just give up the struggle and just go to what we think is a better place. Talking about that how do we know heaven is a greater place then what we live in now what if its worse then the way we are what if that song was right and god is a slob like one of us maybe to him were all equal that would explain all these tragedies around the world. Or what if god was more then we think he was what if he's so powerful he's doing these things because we don't worship him as we should.
    Why is the question asked by many but so little can answer maybe even none but if we knew would we have to die? Why? and so many questions asked across the world by the poor, the old, the curious, and those teachers who are trying to teach you math and ask how you got that answer. So we leave the questions to you and hope you guys get the answer in some way (except for the math teacher)