• I'm sick and tired of it all.

    Pathetic, self conscious, ignorant, rude, and worst of all self righteous people we love to call flamers.
    That's right, I'm going there, no one else will say it.
    Flamers are sad, pathetic, lonely, people deep down. And quite honestly, I don't think it's my place to start breaking them down as people, and I sure don't have a physiology degree (yet) but I can see what kind of person you are just by listening to you. A lot of people have that ability, because they actually care about people, and they carry an understanding for others that's just hard to find in this day and age now a days. But flamers, they don't give a rats a ss. They are narrow minded people who like to talk over people and address only their own opinions, and worst of all, tear other people down. They lack tact and understanding, and most of this is happening online, and it's so easy to be mean to someone you don't know, especially when you can't look them in the eye and do it.

    Not only is it rude to not address other peoples feeling and opinions, but it shows what kind of leader or friend you are. I will admit, I have flamed somebody before, but I felt terrible about it. Yes, I was pissed at that person, but the things you say online, you really can't delete once it's been read.

    You can read this and ask "Yeah!People lack kindness now a days, can't we just go back to when we could all be nice to each other?" no, we cannot, I'm sorry to say it, but that's just the fact. Just like the name flamer, even if the flames are put out, there's still damage that's been done if the flame is put out at all.

    I'll always be open to the opinions of others, and if I'm angry, I will not post such trash expressing my opinion like a jerk. Instead, I should just say what I think to myself, or write it down on paper or something, but I'm not going to flame some girl in the cosplay section because her avi doesn't look like sakura, or attack a dude trying to have some fun in a forum by posting something that's totally off topic.

    Seriously, if you're angry, don't take it out on someone you know you will hurt, instead say it to someone's face. Will you really go through with it? Can you really look someone in the eye and call them a stupid -blank- or something vulger because you can? Think, before you speak. Honestly, we should start acting like we're civilized because you never know who might be reading.