• Task B
    Number 1 – Money – the road to happiness

    “there are many examples that people fill their dreams of money and wealth. Question is, does money make you happy? – or are there other things in life that are more importaint?”

    Money make people happy, but if they wasen’t wort anything nobody wants it, money don’t make everybody happy.
    Some people have loads of money, and they aslo have loads of friends but they don’t know if its real friends or just fake friends who wants their money.
    Friends are more importaint than money, if u don’t have any friends what do you need money for? You have none to spend it on, or none to have fun whit or anything else.

    I think a lot of people would pick friends before money, I would!
    Aslo some people say like “A diamond is a girls best friend” but what can you do whit a diamond, u can’t talk to it, its not talking back, diamonds don’t do anything, they just make you shine, but whats the mather to shine when you got no friends? To shine in front of other you don’t know, just to get a good word about ur self.

    Poor people can have just as fun as rich people, you don’t need money to have fun, you diden’t need to have money to live before, but now u got to have money to live, almost everything cost money now.
    People who don’t have money die becous of hunger, they don’t got afford for food, or they die of cold, becous they don’t have money for house or clothes, becous when other peopple collect money to give to poor people in other contryes, the people don’t get all the money that other people gave them.

    Its loads of difrents happiness in the world, some people gets happy to get money for birthdays, x-mas or any day you get presents, but people aslo gets happy when they get another thing than money.

    What make me happy is my friends, the friends you don’t buy.
    What else make me happy is my kitten, he cost money but I still love him, so maybe happiness is money?, or money Is the way to happiness?
    Money is a fake smile, the smile you give to the people you don’t like, the ones thay u wanna trade away for somone else like you do whit youre money, you buy items for money.

    Than you for reading my weird feelings xD