• When terrible things happen, people start to wonder if God even exists or if he even cares about any one of us. This is a common thought that runs through our heads during the worst of times. Well what most people don't know is that God gave us the power of free will. So with this he vowed never to intervene with any of our actions no matter how evil they may be.
    Think about this. During the events of the Holocaust as horrible as they were, the people suffering there thought God had abandoned them. However this was not God who caused the Holocaust. In fact it was Hitler and his Nazi regime who committed all those terrible crimes to humanity. God could not intervene, because of his gift of free will to all of us. Despite how evil the Nazi's crimes were, God could only help as much as possible due to his gift to us that has been promised to us. This is the purpose of Judgment; this is why there is a heaven and a hell.
    Next time something horrific happens in your life consider who is on your side because God always is whether you think so or not.