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    Chapter 1: Twilight

    It was a dark and cloudless night. The moon was full and the wind wasn’t blowing at all or so it seemed. I had heard that people have been disappearing on the news. no one knows who or what has been doing it, so they wanted everyone in there house by ten and it was now one thiry (in the morning). I was listening to the radio on my mp3 player when I heard a twig snap.
    “Who’s there?” I yelled
    No one answered my call. It freaked me out a little. I am Goth and love the supernatural like vampires and werewolves. –Snap- went another twig and I decided to run the last two blocks to my house.
    When I got home I lay down on my bed and tried to go to sleep. Out of no where my sister was kneeling by my bed.
    “Where have u been?” she asked
    “FYI I was at the new Goth club called NIGHTMARE” I replied.
    She looked at me like I was crazy.
    Maybe she should be more like me?
    She left and I finally fell asleep. I dreamt that my perfect sister was in fact just like me. We had so much fun together and just when we were enjoying ourselves, someone started to scream.
    “Wake up” yelled Anita. “Faith, D.J wake up and try to be quiet”
    What now?
    Anita is our guardian. Our mother and father disappeared about ten years ago. No one knows what happened or where they could be. So Anita said she would raise us.
    “What’s wrong?” I whispered.
    “They are coming for you and your sister.” Anita answered “I prayed
    They would forget, but my prayers have not been answered.”
    “Who is THEY?” asked D.J
    “The vampire master and his followers” She replied.
    Vampires? Are they even real? Can this actually be happening?
    Anita is not the kind of person to be scared so easily. She looks so terrified. This has to be real.
    “What should we do?” I asked her.
    She handed me a piece of paper with an address on it. Her hand was shaking like crazy. I looked into her eyes and she was terrified for her life.
    “Go here and tell them what has happened here.” She answered. “Faith no matter what you hear, do NOT turn back. Promise me? Keep D.J safe.”
    “Ok I promise.” I replied turning to D.J “let’s go”
    She didn’t say anything but took my hand. We ran and ran until our sides ached. Screams came from the house. I stopped running to looking back at the house.
    What’s going on? Why are they after us? We didn’t do anything.
    I turned around and started to run again. We came to the address on the paper. It looked like a house out of a Dracula movie but more modern day. The windows were all painted black and the window frames old and worn from the storms. I almost turned back but I remembered the promise.
    I knocked on the door and no one answer. –Creak- and the door had opened. I looked inside and loved it. Spider webs were everywhere, dust on everything, of course my perfect sister didn’t like it.
    “Faith” she called.
    “Yea what is it?” I answered rolling my eyes.
    “I don’t like this place” She said “It looks like one of your fantasy houses”
    Whatever she seemed to have started hating me after mom and dad left. I know she wont admit it but I can feel it.
    I searched the lower part of the house and it looked like no one had been here for years. I loved it.
    “Hello” I called “anyone here”
    No reply. Why would Anita send us to an empty house?
    -Creak- “what was that?” yelled D.J
    “I’m not sure” I answered honestly. “It could have been a vampire’s coffin opening for the night” I smiled.
    She walked up to my side and punched my arm. She hasn’t really liked me for ten years now. I told her to stay put while walked toward the basement. The door creaked as I opened it. I started to walk down the stairs when I heard D.J scream and run right into me.
    We fell down what seemed like a lot and I do mean a lot of stairs. The strange thing was, we landed on something soft like pillows. I pulled out my lighter from my pocket. When the room was light I realized that we had landed in a coffin.
    “Cool” I said out loud.
    “What are these doing here?” D.J asked.
    “I’m not sure” I said smiling “But I like it”
    “Who’s down there?” a man called.
    “Be quiet” I whispered to D.J
    I grabbed her hand and pulled her under the stairs. The man was down the stairs quicker then I thought possible. I was used to the dark so I could see everything around. The walls were all painted black and there was tin foil on the windows.
    “A vampire” D.J said out loud.
    The man looked our way. I couldn’t tell if he saw us but he turned and searched the rest of the room. Then out of no where he had us by the collar of our shirts. D.J screamed and started to kick and punch. I got a good look at him and he looked about 17 or 18 years old.
    “What are you doing here?” he asked.
    “Well... um…. a … well our aunt… gave us this… address… and said to come… here” she replied in a weak voice.
    “Who are you?” he asked a little confused.
    “Well I’m Faith and this is my twin D.J” I answered trying not to show him that I was scared. “Who are you?”
    “That’s not really important but since you have come here looking for a place to stay I will tell you” he replied. “I’m Camrin Argile”
    “Nice name” I said sarcastically.
    He didn’t say anything else. He let go of me but took my sister upstairs and locked me down with the coffins. I didn’t know what to do. I knew she wasn’t in trouble. (Call it a twin intuition.) Before I realized it, I was climbing into the coffin and fell asleep.
    I woke up to the sound of bats flying everywhere. I opened the coffin and to my surprise Camrin was beside me sleeping. He was beautiful. His black hair, his eyes that seemed to burn like fire and his Goth look. I know not all vampires are like that. –Creak- I jumped.
    Have they found me already? I asked myself.
    I closed the coffin and tried to stay quiet. I heard foot steps coming down the stairs.
    Oh my gosh. I’m gonna die I thought.
    The coffin lid opened and there was a beautiful young lady staring at me and Camrin.
    “Oh my gosh. You’re… your Bella.” I said more surprised then ever.
    “Do I know you?” she asked.
    “No but I’m Faith” I replied “I love your work. Your stories are the best”
    “Oh really now” she answered. “So if you’re a fan then who does Angel Fall in love with in the book “Battle with Demons”?”
    “She falls in love with Damion” I answered. “The demon of destruction”
    “Alright I guess you are” She said. “You’re the first to get that right. Now go up stairs I need to talk to Camrin”
    Camrin shot up at the sound of his name. He looked all around.
    “What? What I do” he shouted
    “Nothing, I just need to talk to you about Tatsuya” Bella said.
    “Ok you know where to go” he said. “I’ll be just a minute.”
    “Yes sir” she said bowing to him.
    It looked like she walked through the wall. But she opened the door with her powers.
    “So are you hunger?” he asked.
    “Actually yea I am” I replied.
    We walked up stairs and he gave me a tour of the down stairs. The house looked bigger on the inside. When we got to the kitchen, he grabbed some red wine and some kind of meat. I think it was steak. He put it on the grill and started humming.
    Why does he seem so happy?
    “I got to meet you” he said.
    “Sorry what” I asked confused.
    “I’m happy cause I got to meet you” he answered.
    Now I was freaked out. He could read my mind and I was thinking of him while he was asleep. I’m sure he knew I was. I should learn to control my thoughts.
    “Here you go” he said handing me a plate.
    “Um thank you”
    “Your twin is fine” He said. “We had to put her in a human house. We knew you liked vampires so we decided to keep you here. Is that ok?”
    “Um… yea I guess so” I replied.
    Then he left to go talk to Bella. I ate my food and got myself a drink. I didn’t know what to do while I waited for them to come back up so I went for a walk. I found a park not even two blocks away. I sat on the swing and just rocked myself.
    “Are you alone?” a little girl asked.
    “Yea” I said a bit confused.
    All of a sudden she jumped on me and bites my neck. I felt pain for a second and then I was floating on clouds, then nothing but darkness. When I woke up I was in a coffin again. I opened it to see and Camrin was there. He looked like he was really worried about something. I wondered why. Then a sharp pain in my neck broke my thought. Camrin woke up and looked at me.
    “Are you ok?” he asked. “I should have warned you not to go out at twilight”
    “Why?” was all I could say.
    “Vampires well the bad ones have been after you since birth” He answered. “One of them got you last night and I’m afraid that you’re going to be one of us now”
    “WHAT?” I said.
    “You have been bitten” He said “You are going to turn into a vampire”
    I didn’t know what to say. I know I wanted to be a vampire but now that I have been separated from my twin. I wasn’t so sure.
    “You need to drink someone’s blood.” He said “And it needs to be a vampire other wise you will die. If you want I will let you drink mine?”
    I liked the sound of that. He is a hottie. But I didn’t know if I could drink anyone’s blood. Something smelled sweet, but before I could realize I took Camrin’s arm and brought it to my mouth. His blood ran down my throat with the sweetest taste to it. I loved it. I would have drunk all of his blood if he hadn’t pulled his arm away.
    “Ok” he said in a weak voice.
    “I’m sorry” I said “I had no clue what I was doing”
    “It’s ok” He replied “Every vampire goes through that the first couple of times” He said as he left the room.
    I just laid down again. I didn’t want to think of what my twin would think of me now. She would probly laugh and say I got what I wanted. I hope she is alright. I don’t know what I would do if she got hurt. I fell asleep not long after Camrin had left.