• i am bullied, and one day i thought "why not keep a diary on whats being done to me?" cos u can always find books about peoples experiences. I had finished my work in science, so i took the book out an started writing. Next thing i know, someone had seen a name on the page and called his over. He comes charging down the class room (with the teacher still standing at the board) and staps and jotter with a pen and tears half the pages (not the book im keeping my diary in, my skool book). he gets taken out of class, but my teacher has to take the diary with her as "evidence of what (insert name here) has been doing. The next day my parents get called and told about it and i have to go down to the office and "talk about my relationship with (insert name here)". My parents pick y up, an when they find out i haven't got my diary back, they turn right around and go back to skool only for me to be told on arrival "well (me) you do know (insert name here) has anger issues, you really should not have provoked him."

    This just goes to show what a crap skool i go to.