• I count nought
    The tissues that I've cried on
    I don't count the time
    I've been on the bed of sadness, I lie on
    Old heroes make me sad
    The memories, they are bad
    Sports right now? screw it
    Love? guess I blew it
    Old demons come back to haunt me
    Their faces, they daunt me
    Should I lay down & die?
    Just kiss the world goodbye?
    Cause I hope it will all get better
    & when it comes, the letter
    Will tell me it's all working
    Is it all the fault of my sister?
    Born when I was just 7
    I don't beleive it is
    But will I go to heaven?
    These unholy thoughts I think
    Are they lead weights
    Causing me to sink?
    Down to the fiery pits of hell
    Oh well
    Guess I'm gone then