• Ghost
    Teacher had left. biggrin She stayed behind. A cold touch came running down her back.She turned.No-one. The books on the shelve fell.What was it? question question She ran.She heard footsteps behind her. question ?She hid in her bed.She saw a glowing light.The girl saw it.Ghost. xp xp
    There was that boy!He was the one she loved.He came over.He asked her for a date.Sure! A little kiss wouldn't harm. Or would it?They met at the posh cafe.He was so handsome.What would she say. sweatdrop sweatdrop heart heart He spoke first.With a kiss on lips.


    The class were told.It was a school dance.Tomorrow.What she wear?
    The day came.She wore a red long dress.Everyone loved it.
    Everyone except the black sisters."get the gunge tank ready...fire!"
    Her dress was ruinined by the blacks.Never again would she dance again.
    She cried.