• Chapter one: The oppening
    The resounding impatient alarmclock awoke me, I stuck my arm out the blanket to reach the clock. 5am already, well time for school. I sat up hearing my cellphone ring. Oh my god! It was the guy from my class whom I've been crushing on ever since. "Goodmorning to you all! You are all lucky because you're in my quick classmate text list or what ever that was called" I know it wasn't specificaly for me but atleast I'm in the classmates group and was able to receive the message. I got up with lots of energy and excited for school. I ran down the stairs ignoring my brothers who were cooking breakfast as I turned to the direction of the door. I ran out the gates hoping to run into him while walking to school. Another wish not granted, but as I entered the school gates I saw him at the corner of my eye waving a good morning, I was polite enough to smile and not blush. I turned my head leaving him out of my sight. I sat on a bench with three girls behind me, I heard them whispering bad things about me, I saw him looking at me thinking of a way to cheer me up, he went to the canteen and bought two lollipos, he sat beside me and gave me the other one. After thanking him the bell rang and I wasn't saved by the bell I liked sitting next to him. During class I coldn't concentrate everytime he turned his head. It's been a month since I first started studying there but I'm still not used to it. The bell rang again, I didn't want to go to P.E. class that's the only class where I'm always far from him. The boys were done changing and they were lined outside alot of girls weren't done yet, suddenly this girl who accidentaly fell asleep in class and didn't hear the bell ring rushed to the girls locker room leaving the door wide open, I sliped when she oppened the door, next thing I knew they were all staring at me. During P.E. class I couldn't look at him, I was so embarrassed, the teacher was picking the gym partners, I was expecting to be far from him again. "Yumi and Jake" my eyes widened, I didn't know what to do, I get to be close to him for two hours. "Alright everyone face your gym partners" the teacher announced, I couldn't look at him straightly. Then I was startled by the teacher's announcement "we'll be doing curl ups...boys hold your partner's feet down." I couldn't breath when the teacher said that, it's like he was teasing me. "Now we'll do trust excercises, the females will wear a blindfold and the males will guide their partners through these obstacles, these are very dangerous obstacles and you need to trust your partner in order to stay safe and not fall off of anything". It was major physical contact, I couldn't breathe everytime he whispered for directions, and in one of the obsticles I was about to fall, he rapped his arms tightly around me but he was taken along with me.
    Finally P.E. was over I couldn't beleive I got a hug from him.

    Chapter two: The Favor
    I was playing the piano in the music room. I stopped as I got a chill that someone's watching me, I saw Jake having a shocked face while telling me "you're a pianist too?", I replied with a blush "Y-Yeah". I stood up and went out
    (The following day)
    "Yumi, yumi" I heard the familiar voice of jake, "are you free on saturday?". "Y-Yeah why?", "may I ask a favor? Can you be my accompanist in the music competition?", "S-Sure", "Right then I'll see you saturday at the music room".
    (Saturday has come)
    I woke up at 8 am, I was choosing an outfit when my brother barged in. "Yumi! I heard that you were going on a date this saturday is that true?", "What!? No way I'm only going to the school to practice, I'm going to be an accompanist in the music competition." when he got the explanation he left and shut the door.
    Chapter three:the surprizing confession
    As my day was over I was silently walking home, I tripped and almost fell but I felt an arm wrap around my waste, it was Jake again, saving me once more. "Yumi, I have another favor to ask...can we drop by the park first I wanna talk about something", "UH, Okay".
    We sat on the swings and he was awfully quiet, then shortly started speaking.
    "I always have something I've wanted to tell you but I couldn't. I...I...I...l~i~ke you" my eyes widened I didn't expect him to actually like me he started speaking again "There I said it now you know, I don't expect a reply, I don't even think you like me". I slowly stood up and softly said goodbye, I looked back as I walked away I saw his head down as if something tragic has happened. I had a shocked expression on my face as I oppened the door, my brothers saw me and asked if I saw a ghost, I walked continiuously ignoring them. As I shut the door in my room I still couldn't forget what he said, I laied on the bead staring at the ceiling thinking of an answer. "I like him, but I never thought he'd like me"

    Chapter four: the reply
    The next afternoon I saw him sitting on the swings again thingking deeply, I tried to act normal but his expression brought me to low headedness. He was saying something but I wasn't listening I was too busy thinking of a reply to his confession. "I...I..." I was gonna say it but he stopped me, "don't pretend to like me, like I said I wasn't expecting an answer" then he ran off. I whispered silently "I like you, I really really like you"
    That night I left a message on his cellphone he refused to answer, I invited himnear the girls locker room during lunch break, he did arrive, and I was ready.
    "Let me speak first, I know you didn't expect an answer but I still am going to reply" he looked down expecting a negative answer "I like you too, but I never thought you'd like me" he leveled his head and ran off again. I didn't see him in class anymore, the next day the teacher announced that he had moved far away, but only informed one girl.
    That moment I knew he informed me, during the time I wasn't listening to him by the swings because I was thinking of an answer. The teacher pointed to me "he told you, but he said you weren't listening". During lunch I was looking at the sky when his brother approached me "he didn't even tell me, he said he informed someone, but she didn't listen" there was more proof that he did love me, from the begginning to the end.