• A **** Man is Traveling and end up in a Dark Forest, then the Thieves wants his **** power to be given to them, so they try robbing the **** man out of his ****,. the thieves said "give me your ****** so we won't hurt you", but the **** man said "****** cannot be bought or sold, even stolen", then the Thieves became angry and killed the **** man, the last word from the **** man is "now i can be free from my worst curse". then the wise man was right, the thieves buried the wise man near a dead tree, the they wrote and carved on the dead tree "here lies a dead fool". but when the thieves look back, they were cursed by a god for killing one of his disciples. then the thieves were wrong for killing the **** man, they killed themselves. 200 years later, the **** man was resurrected and transmigate into the God of wise, and forgave the thieves for killing him, the thieves were in Hell and got another chance to live in a better place.