• I am Anne Frank.
    I hear destruction all around.
    I see friends and family suffering.
    I say"What,oh,what is the use of the war?Why can't people live peacfully together?Why all this destruction?"
    I cry for the end of this pointless war.
    I am hoping.
    I am young and strong.
    I feel confusion and misery.
    I try not to have despair.
    I dream of a world void of war.
    I am Anne Frank, and I will not give up hope.
    I am Pixie C.
    I hear my friends complaining about their lives.
    I see people dying on the news.
    I say"Will the world ever be at peace?"
    I for this senseless violence to come to an end.
    I am mourning for people millions of miles away that I don't even know.
    I am standing up against drugs,violence,and peer pressure.
    I feel hope for this world.
    I try not to fall down in this hectic world.
    I dream of a better place.
    I am Pixie C and I will not fall.