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    This happened on June 10th, 2009 but I never got to tell you guys, Like most school stories, This one is 100% true.

    There was this b***h called Mrs. Myles and she was a b***h, for this whole school year, she has been giving me 50's and 60's. Once, SHE GAVE ME A 38 ******** AVERAGE?!??! WTF?!?! I do all my homework and projects!! On the last day of school, she showed me my grades and it was a 65! WHAT THE ********? Hell no, no ******** way, stupid b***h, even though I do good on projects, she gives me bad grades. She doesn't even trust me at anything she hates me! She asked me if I had my homework with me and I told her my dad shredded it but my dad didn't know it was homework but I was pretty pissed. She's like "I don't buy that" and I'm like wtf. I hate that b***h I wanted to punch her, I've called her a liar and a fool. During the beginning of school, I always thought she was a nice teacher. She used to give me good grades in the beginning something happened to her. She changed.

    I did do my last project and my grade average was a 65 on the last day of school. I Handed her in that ******** project and she's like "no, I don't have it, you're getting a 0 for that, it counts on 75% of your grade". I told her "At least give me half credit" and she's like "No, if you don't have it, you get a 0"That is complete bullshit! I REMEMBER handing her in that project on Tuesday, the day it was due. What a ******** liar, I DID HAND IN THAT PROJECT AND SHE GIVES ME A 0! WTF?!?!?! I swear I was so ******** mad I was screaming out so loud you could hear it about 75 feet away. I punched that b***h in the face and she was crying and lying down unconscious and I was kicking her that b***h and smacking her for about 5 minutes. After, I was like "******** YOU b***h, YOU DID SEE ME HAND IN THAT PROJECT DID YOU?" and she's like "NO!" and I punched her in the face again. The highest grade I ever got in that class is a 75. There is no ******** way that could've got down so fast. WHAT A b***h! I almost failed but she can die now. Some students called the cops and the police dragged me. Then, the ambulance came and she was rushed to the hospital.

    I was arrested but then my parents bailed me, the bail was $500 and then I went to court and we hired a lawyer. During court, I saw my teacher Mrs. Myles, I waved to her and smiled. She was purple everywhere her face was all ******** up and I'm not sure but I think I might've broken her arm. There was a cast... The judge sentenced me to 1 month in prison! ******** b***h! This could've been prevented if she didn't fail me and lie and say she didn't see it even though you DID ******** SEE IT! Whatever, I feel alot happy now ever since I punched her. No worries, everything will be just fine. She can't teach 8th grade until all her wounds, and broken bones are healed. The subject was Reading Class. And again, this could've if she didn't fail me and lie and say she didn't see it even though she did see it! Don't worry guys, she wasn't pregnant. She was like 62 years old.



    What could have I said to make her give me at least a C+ average in that class because my Counselor says I need to get at least a 70+ average to get in a Language, well?
    What could I have done?
    Why did she lie to me and say she didn't see it even though she did and be a b***h and then give me a 0?
    Why is she such a b***h and an a*****e?
    Why did she give me F averages throughout this whole 8th grade year?
    Why does she hate me?
    How come she doesn't trust anything I say or do?