• I was thinking yesterday of what progress the world had made the other day and i came up with some things that have happend to the american socity that really disgusts me. Picture this a happy home with parents who raise a daughter to be a respectfull lady who is capable of thinking for herself and makeing the correct decisions for herself and knowing when a guy dousn't care about her, he's just trying to get in her pants,and not a girl who piles on makeup and dresses and acts like a whore because thats what she watched her mother doing while she was growing up. Sadly that happy fantasy is only true in a small handfull of households in our supposed superior country. Think about this for a second and ask yourself where have our standards in this country gone.

    When did it become ok to let a 13 year old hang out with collage age students without supervison?

    When was it ever acceptable to let your son wear his underwear higher than his pants?

    When was it ever ok to let a 13 year old kid to have a boyfriend/girlfriend with a 7 year age diffrence?

    Why would you ever let your teenage daughter go to school dressed like a prostitue?

    When was it okay to let your child stomp all over you and swear at you like your dirt?

    When was it ever ok to kill your own child just because she/he requires you to have a sense of responsibilty (R.I.P Caley Anthoney)

    When did it become acceptable to dress your toddler up as a whore and parade her about in a beauty pagent just so you can have a little glory? (those pagents disgust me to no end whats going on there should be considered child abuse)

    Why is it considered ok to tell someone their a freak and a monster just because they are gay bisexual lesbian or transgender?

    When did it ever become okay to shun and bully someone just because they're diffrent from you?

    Why dous it seem like a voice of reason is always the voice that isn't heard?

    Thinking about this i relized that socity has become something that is not an example to follow, how can it be that we are considered the greatest country in the world and yet all we are is a country that says you have the freedom of speech, and freedom of expression, but instead we who need to voice our opinons and express ourselves the most our the ones who are told we're not allowed to speak because our style and gender prefrence make us wrong automaticly. thinking about this and i can't help but wonder. WHAT HAS OUR COUNTRY BECOME?