• Cassandra cursed under breath as another cabbie sped off leaving her standing in it's wake, how hard could it be to get a cab! She began to wonder if it was worth it asking another one or whether she should just walk the whole 2 miles to the glades.
    “Ya wana cabbie then lassie?” a gruff voice asked from a the depths of a dark recessive cab, Cassandra looked round in surprise.
    “You'll take me to The Glades?” Cassandra noticed the flash of fear that flickered across the cabbie's face. “What's wrong with the glades?”
    “Ah Blades Glades so many stories to tell well more like nightmares” if the cabbie could have made it seem more ominous then Cassandra was in no doubt that he would. “What's a nice respectable looking lady like yourself doing heading to Blades Glades?” he eyeing her up she was just the type that you didn't want to mess with. Long dark hair, wise grey eyes and pale skin she looked the type to have a past with a capital 'P', she was dress in tight fitting clothes all black it looked silky but he refrained from reaching out to touch the material to see if it felt as silky as it looked.
    “I happen to live there not that it's any of your business” Cassandra replied again not failing to notice his glance over her clothes and her face.
    “So you getting in the cab then?” the cabbie turned away and prepared to pull out as he heard the back door click open and her slide ever so silently in. “So the 'Glades' it is then”

    It was Twilight when they arrived at the Glades, nothing moved and nothing made a sound. It was eerie like everything was afraid to reveal it's position. Cassandra quickly paid the cabbie and watched it peel off like all the other cabs had done to her earlier today. All she had to do now was to find the house all her stuff had already been moved in for her courtesy of Logan. He could be such a darling when it came to her, naturally he would never admit it. He wasn't the over helpful chess club type like Danny and that was something to be grateful for at least. Her one bed flat might have appeared small from the outside but it was a true tardis when you went in there was a study that was big enough to be another bedroom and the bathroom you could hold parties in. The kitchen was true heaven to the natural chef but appeared to be over-whelming to Cassandra she wasn't used to such a large area to work with. She has thought of changing the study into another bedroom and letting it out but there was so many loonies out there that you had to be so careful. She didn't really have friends either and there was no way that she was letting it to Danny or Logan she wasn't diving into those realms.