• Chapter 10
    It’s Only Just Begun

    “Meet your fate, you stupid worthless excuse for an heir!” Seirgei spoke an un-concise Hero by the throat. Yume dashed in to witness the terrifying sight, Kei out on the ground and the guy who did so much to save her, about to be slaughtered. Her heart filled with anger to a point of rage.

    “Noo,” She shouted running up to Seirgei, launching a ball of fox fire at him. He raised his arm lifting a gust of wind extinguishing the flame, sending Yume to her knees in traumatized fear.

    “Ahhhh, make it stop! PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!” She clutched her head.
    “Pathetic, even for a fox demon of your stature, you should be able to withstand even the slightest of wind. But seeing you as you are, something must of happened to you in your younger years” He smirked giving a tighter grip on Hero’s throat. “You failed to save this boy, in turn it makes my job so much easier,” he smiled as Hero’s suffering grew.

    “Yume, get a grip on yourself! He’s going to die if you don’t do something quick!” Coughed Kei now coming to, she reverted to her appearance of Airisu. “Please Yume! Help him!” She shouted struggling to get up. “I don’t have the magic power to help you out” she muffed her last sentence with a cough.

    ‘She’s right, if nothing’s done he’ll die, but what can I do?’ she gripped her head in hesitation.

    ‘Yume... h-help me...,’ Came a telepathic message. It was Hero’s voice in her head, he’s regaining conciseness. She was happy to hear his voice. The grip from her hands eased up pressure on her head, she stood up with a flare in her eyes. Pulsating with energy, her entire body glowed. She charged at him when Acqua entered through the doorway and Airisu struggled to her feet. She then disappeared with a flash of speed, the heat started to rise within the building, crates burning to ashes.

    “This heat is nothing to me; your fox fire is weak compared to the power of my winds. If you’re not careful, you’ll burn your friends alive.” He smirked in triumph, his face turned sour as he felt moisture around his hand. Hero was protected by a bubble of water.

    “Ha, ha, what can you do Seirgei? We’re not going to burn alive now are we,” Chuckled Acqua, her hands glowing a shallow sea blue.

    “There’s one thing you’ve forgotten, Seirgei! ... And that’s the power of friendship!” Hero coughed now fully awake, twisting Chaos’ wrist loosening the hold on his throat. Airisu stood up having regained her strength back, transforming into Kei once again.

    As long as...” Kei spoke while casting Daitou.

    We are together...” Acqua continued, approaching forward smoothly.

    You cannot...” Yume sneered, reappearing with a fox fire twice her size and growing still.

    ...Defeat us!” Hero grinned, dropping down to the ground as the fox fire contacted with his foe. As Hero looked up the flame had completely consumed Seirgei’s body, he felt at ease but not quite. ‘We got him that’s for sure... but I can’t help but feel that something’s not right.’ He thought, meeting up with the girls.

    “So when were all of you going to tell me about this... these abilities of yours?” Hero stands and stares at them in confusion.

    “I felt no need, I had thought you couldn’t comprehend the fact that spell casters exist” Kei sneered, reverting to Airisu’s appearance seeing that the danger was clear.

    “I was created like this, I’m just very good at hiding myself” Acqua smirked.

    ‘And here I thought she had died her hair blue’ Hero thought. “And what about you Yume,” He asked switching his focus to her.

    “Uh, I’d rather not talk about it. It’s neither the time nor the pl-” She was cut off by a rumble in the area which grew stronger, shaking the whole place.

    ‘Ah I knew it,’ Thought Hero attempting to stable his balance.

    The roar of the rumble and the shake of the tremor advanced. Alarm set into everyone’s stance.

    “Muahahahahaha! Fools, to think that I Seirgei god of the winds and the bringer of chaos, could merely be incinerated by such a pitiful flame?” His voice hounded as he dispersed the ball and the rest of the fire with a mighty gust from his pitch black wings.

    ‘Apparently so’ Thought Hero as he drew up against the wall being sent back from the force. At an instant Seirgei was up in his face. Though it seemed that the inferno hadn’t fazed him at all, Hero could tell that he wasn’t at full strength anymore.

    “I could finish you right here, right now but I can’t face you all in my current condition” Seirgei huffed “We’ll meet again, and I will kill you for sure!” He distanced himself from Hero, opened his wings. The glass roof above him shattered spilling shards everywhere. Everyone shielded their eyes from them. “Until then, Hero” He flew off as the barrier around the ruined warehouse evaporated.

    ‘See you Monday Jerk’ Hero replied in thought. “Acqua, Airisu, Yume, let’s go home before someone decides to call the authorities or come looking,” Once again approaching towards the three girls, holding a wounded left arm, struggling to keep balance.

    Agreed,” They all nodded, giving him a hand in leaving.

    “You owe me big time, this was an expensive dress,” Acqua harped at him.

    “Take it easy on him; you came on your own motive, through worrying about him” Airisu intervened.

    “...” Yume was silent; she didn’t know how to thank Hero with Acqua around.

    “Heh, you can thank me later Yume, I’m just glad you’re safe now, and by the looks of things, this is the first of many fights to come. I’ll have to double my training, I guess.” Hero spoke with a faint smile, she nodded.

    ‘How does he do it? He was almost killed and he still smiles?!’ she contemplated within the confines of her mind.

    “What hero said is true though, it’s only just the beginning, and I plan to stick with you Hero through thick or thin. So you’re going to owe me a lot more.” Acqua stated derailing Yume onto another thought.

    ‘Right, I guess Hero’s Legacy has only just begun.’ She bit her finger with this thought.

    “We’ll worry about this later I need to get home I’m starving.” He chuckled, while the girls let out a big sigh.

    End Chapter 10
    It's just the beging

    End BOOK two