• As death checked thru his list he saw my name; i died from heart break it said. Even death; the bringer of all things evil, and unholy, shook his head in sorrow. As i lay there in bed waiting for death to creep thru my creeky door i thought why not me . . . am i not important to him? The anwser flew thru my mind NO YOUR NOT. The anwser was simple yet . . . it was killing me, HE was killing me. When the door slowly opened it revealed the worst thing; it was HIM he came to save me from my self, from HIM! In a few seconds i awoke still lying there in my thick, warming blanket . Tears began to drip from my tearducts without warning. Just like in my dream the door began to creek slowly open, this time it brang the end, the way OUT, my way out of misery i brang DEATH! My life seamed great before HE came; before i even took a second look at HIM, life WAS worth living, but all thats changed DEATH has brought my life to an end and it's entirely YOUR FAULT!!!

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