• Chapter 1

    Born as a farm town a girl as named to Issibella, she was a white person who believed that traveling was a dream of hers. She had heard of travelers traveling in the most popular direction.
    West. Most known for its riches and amazing lands. She had heard that many had died the first day from either drought, wars (Civil war), mass coldness on mountains, diseases, and starvation. She had heard that the people that had made it refused to come back. There is also a rumor that a group of 52 left and only 4 made it.


    Her dad had gotten ill and had been forced to move west because that is the punishment for having an illness. He had said that in his defense that it was “whack” a word no one has ever heard of… whack how fancy. She had made that her special word because after he had said that word they hung him. Her mother and grandmother had been depressed as she was an only child. She wanted revenge. She felt hatred, unwanted, and unloved. Soon she became an 11 year old, knowing the war was happening she was forced along with many other between 11 and 18 were forced to move west. That is because many people believe woman helped the Earth grow and was the only beings that could recreate themselves when they die. Oh well lets continue from where I was at. Issibella wanted to stay with her mother and grandma, but they refused and she left. So now is where the journey begains.