• Prologue

    I stumbled backwards- tripping over tree branches, pinecones, tree stumps, and other things scattered out behind me on the forest floor.

    “This can’t be happening.” I sobbed, falling backwards over a thick tree stump that had been eaten away by termites. Creating a large whole is the center.

    “Oh…but it most certainly is.” An eerie, and unforgettable voice whispered on the back
    of my neck coldly.

    “No…I’m dreaming! Your not real!” I yelled.

    I whipped my head around and saw the unforgettable face that I had been trying so hard to forget, “You are real.”

    “That’s right Isabella.” He whispered coming closer every second, “It’s your turn to go see your brother is Satan’s fiery pits.”

    “Stay away from me!” I screamed as his large hands encircled my throat.

    “Let. Go. Of. Her…NOW!” A familiar voice yelled sternly, ringing with authority.

    “Make me.” He whispered, crushing my throat us his hands.

    “Alex!” I screamed at the top of my lungs- shutting my eyes tightly together.

    I’m going to die.