• I walk around, my mind wander's to thing far away. Dreams that have dissolved and yet I always remmeber my motto, Never look back always look forward, and live like there's no tommorow. Don't be afraid to act like a dork in public, or to skip in the mall on the way to your favorite store. They say don't take chance but you never know how long you'll be her in solid form. Live be youself but live. If you want to act silly act silly, if you want to be dorky act like that or if you want to be mean be mean. Live like there's no tommorow you'll experiance things that most would not be able to if you didn't I maybe 15 almost 16 but in my years I've learned things. I've learned people can be absoulutely cruel but here's some advice don't worry about it if they act like that's there problem.
    So act silly, dorky, funny, or just plain happ. Be yourself and you'll discover life id better without the lies and deception. I should knowIve had people act like that towards me before so be yourself and youll find a truly trust worthy friend and maybe even one true love.