• “Rose? Can you please get ten eggs out of the chicken coop? The boys are starving.” Said Mary. I looked over at Amy, who only was watching her eyes and muscles twitch.
    There were a couple of boys I didn’t get introduced to yet. I figured they were too shy.
    “Sure.” I said with low enthusiasm.
    I walked outside and it was sunny. The sun always stayed up early. Better get used to it, I thought to myself.
    The mountains were bright with snow at the peek of them. The snow melted its way through the gravel and the corners it can escape through. The flowers were blooming. There were so many colors of them; from pink, yellow, and blue, to mauve and violate.
    I walked into the back of the crusty barn entrance. The coops and the chickens were settled were they were supposed to be; all cozy not knowing I was going to steel what was rightfully theirs.
    It smelt like what a chicken coop should smell like-disgusting.
    Jeez how long has it been since she cleaned out this dump? I guess long enough. The chickens were sleeping, heads bobbing as if they were dreaming. They were in between me and the eggs I had to somehow snatch.
    Crunch, crunch, crunch.
    I kept on hearing this gross bone snapping egg crunching sound that put my senses on alert. My hairs were standing up on my head and arms.
    “Hello is someone there?” I finally chocked out. I looked through the oversized barn finding nothing out of place.
    “I’m just getting paranoid.” I tried to calm myself down.
    I walked further into the large area. I used my handy cell-phone to light of the dark. I pointed the light in one particular area were I thought I heard the noise. I screeched in surprise, and reflexively covered my mouth. My legs started to shake, and almost thought my bladder was going to let loose.