• I decided something just now, I invented a new emotion. And it shall be called Dodo-tion
    For several reasons.
    1. It's fun to say
    2. It's dedicated to that ******** bird during the dinosaur era, commonly referred to
    as being stupid, and historians wonder why the hell the bird was alive.

    And to me? It fits in perfectly to how I feel right now. I wanna toss a chair across the room, scream at my parents, cause chaos in the streets, call the police. But I also wouldn't mind enjoying a cup of hot tea, some chocolate and cuddles and kisses from my boyfriend. I'm perfectly happy while perfectly angry...... And I honestly wonder if I have problems sometimes.

    You know those type of days that you wouldn't mind if they just suddenly disappeared off the calendar, or if you could start it over again. ... I wish I could take a bazooka to mine

    Its not like everything went wrong, it was just they didn't go right. It first started off with perhaps one of the most dreadful classes of my year.
    My classmate and I kept wondering when the bell will save us, and a whole lifetime passed before it did. But the day didn't get any better, I entered into my wonderful ******** english class. The block before lost the prize for the most boring class. As I was sitting in class, I swore 20 minutes passed by but when I glanced up it was only 3. eek Not only that but my good friend who teamed up with me on a class assignment forgot to print out extra copies of my homework. So I had to rush to get them scanned, having to rescan the paper six times because I'm technology challenged. And spending all of my lunch money on the copies. Rushing into class late, teacher telling me I have a detention. And the day just got better from there, it slowly dragged on.... stressed
    Nothing excieting, interresting or even fun. Everyone was dragging their feet, silently wishing that after prom was just around the corner and the most exciting stories were the drunk ones.

    Yet my day did get better. When it came time for the Thespian ceremony...

    Oh.. forget it, my day got better perhaps for a few fleeting seconds. Yes I got a Certificate of Recognition for the work I put in as a senior director. And I was really happy and proud about that not to mentioned the honour certificate I won to.
    ....Of course mom had to dampen my spirits, when i sat in her office and I had to wait 10 minutes before she could say hi to me.

    I came home tensed. So I scurried off to bed, hoping to rest up a little so I could stay up tonight, and maybe thats what put me in a bad mood. I recieved two text messages, 3 miss calls, dad busting into my room, turning on the lights and yelling my name only to discover me alseep and in my bed. Mom came in twice, the second time she attempted to tell me a cute story about how my puppy seemed to waiting outside my door whimpering. But only to conclude that the only reason why he was crying was because he was tangled up in the strings that hang in front of my door. Of course while shes telling me this story, in the back of my mind I was recalling all of the times Mother yelled at us kids when we woke her up from her evening nap when she was sleeping.

    Dodotion... I honestly wanna cry, scream and laugh.

    And that joyful conversation ended with Mother telling me to be nice to dear ole' rapist father.
    And in the back of mind dawns Him telling me that I have no reason to be nice to dad.

    what a wonderful day rolleyes